About us

Suddora is all about taking action, being healthy and striving toward goals. The man running in our logo means that both our customers and us are constantly moving forward in life, looking for the next great adventure or obstacle to overcome. Every day we are inspired by our customers athleticism and will to win. We view it as an absolute honor to serve you and we are here to provide you with the highest quality gear that is only an addition to your current greatness.


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Suddora...how did we come up with a name like that? Sudor is actually spanish for the word sweat, which happens to be a lot of what we all do when we play our sports. Now add a d to the middle of that and an a at the end. There you have it: Suddora. Suddora (previously the brand that sold only sweatbands on STbands) started in 2007. Our goal is to keep finding and carrying unique sports accessories for active people.